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Simple music generator with Um 66

Hi, this is my school vacation. So I show you a simple circuit that makes music. Do you know what is um 66 ic. That is a small ic. It includes music tones. So, in this circuit we use this ic.
List of electronic components
Componet QuantityIc UM6612Sc8281100ohm1

Circuit Diagram
First time make it on a breadboard and check it. If it is working properly, you can make it on your own PCB or a dartboard. Pin configurations of UM66 and 2SC828 are given below.

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how to find is this food has protein

hello there, in this post I show you how to find protein. what are you need:-
            a solution from a food
             sodium hydroxide
            a test tube 1. add sodium hydroxide for food which you choose for this experiment 2. now add a little from coppersulfate.3. if your food has protein, the solution maybe purple.

Let's make Oxygen H2O2 + KMnO4

In this video i show you a way to make oxygen at home.

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The Halloween (Game)

Hello there, In this Halloween season, I made a mini game. It name is "The Halloween". I give you it free.
I think you enjoy from playing this game.

How to play
It's very easy. you have to collect all the jack o lanterns. But,  you have to be careful with ghost.


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