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SPI OLED with Ardiuno

Hi. Today I show you how to use OLED Display with Arduino UNO. first of all, you need an Arduino board and anOLED Display.

There are many types of OLED displays by color & type of connection. In thisexperiment, Iused a 128*64 blue color SPI OLED display.
Arduino Board
In this experiment, I used Lakduino UNO which isan Arduino compatible board. But you can use any Arduino board for this like pro, Nano, Leonardo etc.
Connecting Display to Arduino
My OLED Display has 7pins.

 OLED                  Arduino
    GND   ------->   GND
    VCC    ------->  3.3v
    CLK    ------->   D12
    MOSI  ------->   D11
    RES     ------->   D10
    DC       ------->  D 9
    CS       ------->  D 8

* However, my display worked without connecting GND and VCC.

Compile and upload code to Arduino
now we're going to upload the code for Arduino.
to do this you need Arduino IDE, Adafruit-GFX-Library and Adafruit_SH1106 library.
Libraries and source file can download fr…