Make Concentrated Sulfuric from Battery Acid

Hello everybody. Now we are going to make concentrated sulfuric acid from battery acid. Also you can use other types of sulfuric acid. However concentrated sulfuric acid is extremely dangerous. So you must be careful when working with it.
                                   In this experiment I used battery acid. It has 29% to 32% of sulfuric acid. It means, if we get 50ml of battery acid, there will be 15ml of sulfuric acid (in 30% solution). Sulfuric acid is boiling at 337 0C. (In 300 0C, it will decompose slowly) But water is boiling at 1000C. So we can heat and remove water from solution.

Mass fraction
Common name
10%1.07~1dilute sulfuric acid
29–32%1.25–1.284.2–5battery acid
(used in lead–acid batteries)
62–70%1.52–1.609.6–11.5chamber acid
fertilizer acid
78–80%1.70–1.7313.5–14tower acid
Glover acid
98%1.84~18concentrated sulfuric acid

                                   I used 50ml of 30% solution. In concentrated sulfuric solution it has 98% of sulfuric acid and 2% of water. According to my calculations, I had to heat until the solution comes to 15.306ml.

                                   You can see it’s too hard to make the solution correctly. So we have to imagine our new solution is a concentrated solution. But actually it may be a 90% solution. ( or higher.)  After you create it add into a glass container and label it.