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Chemical Garden

When I was 10yeas old, I read a book about funny experiments. Among every other experiments, there was a experiment about chemical garden. However I couldn't did it, because I haven't any idea about using chemicals. and also I had no way to find chemicals. By the January of this year I could gather some chemicals to do this experiment. I learned how to make sodium silicate at home. Then I got a chance to do this experiment.
            In this experiment we are using some colorful salts to make our garden colorful. However I could use only three salts. They were copper sulfate, zinc sulfate and ferrous sulfate. I wanted to use nickel sulfate. But I failed to make them. Ok. Let's see what we need...

You will need :- A Beaker (or any other clear glass container)Sodium Silicate (Water glass)Water (Distilled water is better)Some kinds of salts( copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, etc.)            Color of your chemical garden is based on the salts that you adding. F…