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Smoke from my finger - Magic trick

The following video shows you a cool magic trick. You need only a matchbox striker. Just watch the video....

Blue bottle Experiment

Hi there. In this post, I'm bring you a really cool experiment. The blue bottle experiment. This is actually not about a blue colored bottle. This is about a color changing solution. There is a bottle contain a liquid like water. When it shake, that liquid turns blue color.
You will need....

1 gram of Sodium hydroxide5 grams of GlucoseMethylene blue Methylene blue is used to treat fungal infections of fish. So you can find it from pet shops. Sodium hydroxide (also called caustic soda) can be found in hardware stores.
Let's start. first mix sodium hydroxide with 20ml of water. Now keep is aside. Then get the glucose and add 40ml of water. Now add few drops from Methylene blue and mix the solution. And now pour the those two solutions to a volumetric flask. If you don't have a flask, just get a bottle. After few seconds the solution turns colorless. Now shake the flask. It turns blue and again after few seconds, it turns colorless. Just enjoy.

The reason for this color chan…